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We are pleased to announce the Beta launch of MEify, a proprietary Shopify theme that allows you to easily build your personal brand and become e-commerce enabled. (3 min. read)

We are incredibly pleased to announce the Beta launch of MEify, a proprietary Shopify theme that helps you build your personal brand and become e-commerce enabled.

MEify is a hybrid between a social media profile and a personal e-commerce website, turning influencers, bloggers, artists, consultants, business coaches, and executives into independent e-commerce sellers. By allowing anyone to create a personal online store without any coding, design, or Shopify skills required, MEify is the first Shopify theme to help users both show off and monetize their personal brands.

“MEify allows anyone with a personal brand to consolidate their content, products, and services into one expertly designed digital experience. We have enabled users to take control of their online brand presence and personal information through this free solution for Shopify with optimized tools to help sell, blog, influence and earn in a professional and direct format.” 

Express your personality, your passion, and your purpose while creating a powerful online presence with MEify. This amazing (and did I mention, FREE!!!) Shopify Theme is designed to help personal brands share their story online while generating new revenue opportunities through the power of Shopify’s e-commerce platform.


Build Your Personal Brand With MEify


If your world, and your story, is simply too big for just one social media platform, you can now bring them all together into one beautiful online package.

Whether you love the arts, music, fashion, business, fitness, or more… MEify is the ONLY free Shopify Theme that combines your creative passion, your personal brand, and adds the ability to monetize that brand by quickly becoming e-commerce enabled.

This gives you a powerful way to build and monetize your personal brand with dynamic design, integrated e-commerce tools, and more!


MEify Free Shopify Theme

Sample MEify Theme for Shopify

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MEify was created for Bloggers, Influencers, Artists, and Experts

A hand-picked group of influencers, bloggers, and e-commerce experts were involved in the initial UX/UI design stages of MEify to provide unique guidance on features that users of this theme would love and benefit from the most.


Influencer Victoria Claire - One of the first Beta users of MEify


“The MEify theme for Shopify is not your average social media profile. This is me, online. MEify offers the most powerful tools that I have seen for enabling influencers, bloggers, and other personal brands to promote their content & directly engage and grow their following.” - Victoria Claire, professional influencer and Founder of the Trendfluence agency in Toronto, Ontario. “

Early feedback from some of other Beta users on the FREE Shopify Theme for personal brands show what an amazing response people have had to the theme design.


MEify Shopy Theme Beta User Quote MEify Shopy Theme Beta User Quote


The MEify theme is free to download, with plans to add enhanced and extended features into the MEify Pro version—to be released later in 2020. The MEify Pro version will also allow users to selling advertising space on their MEify Pro website either directly or by partnering with key display ad placement partners.


Now you can say it loud and clear with MEify.

If you are ready for something that truly reflects who YOU are online, follow MEify on Instagram to be among the first to know when MEify officially launches. This exciting FREE Shopify Theme has been designed specifically for you.

Cannot wait for the official launch? The MEify theme has moved into Beta phase, where users can apply to use the free template before its full public release. Those who are interested in signing up for the Beta launch can do so at

What do you want your e-commerce website to say about your Personal Brand?


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