Best Responsive Shopify E-commerce Themes


Looking to drive mobile sales for your e-commerce store? Here are our 9 best responsive Shopify themes for your e-commerce store. These themes will help your business feature its products on mobile devices and drive sales. (5 min. read)

There are a ton of benefits to using Shopify’s responsive themes for your e-commerce business—especially when it comes to driving sales on mobile devices.

More than half of shoppers use a mobile device to browse e-commerce sites, but mobile conversions are less than half the rate of desktop conversions.

Therefore, it couldn’t be more important for your Shopify theme to be responsive and mobile friendly.


What is a responsive Shopify theme?

Best Responsive Shopify Themes 2021

A Shopify theme is an e-commerce website template that allows any business owner to easily create their own attractive online store. While they can be highly customized, they are just as viable as an out-of-the-box option for folks looking for a simple solution without any web design skills necessary.

These themes are developed by e-commerce design experts who either make the themes available on their own websites or through the Shopify theme store.

A responsive Shopify theme adjusts the page width automatically based on the size of the browser window or device. In short, a responsive design will be equally attractive on any device.

Responsive design is increasingly important as more and more shoppers use mobile devices to shop—and will ultimately abandon their carts if they encounter a frustrating mobile experience.

All Shopify themes come with:

  • Customizable content sections on the home page;
  • Built-in SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities;
  • Social media icons;
  • Free theme updates; and
  • Free stock photos.

If you’re not already using Shopify, here are six reasons to migrate your store to the Shopify platform.

If you are using Shopify, the overload of theme options for you to choose from can create analysis paralysis, so we’ve picked seven responsive themes for you to try for your e-commerce store. 


Our 9 Best Responsive Shopify Themes

Best Responsive Shopify Themes

We went through all our responsive Shopify themes collection and picked out our absolute favorites.

You can view a demo of each theme by clicking on the link below the screenshot.




Our most-popular themes are available for immediate download so that you can get started building your Shopify website today! 


Best Free Shopify Theme:  Startup

Best FREE Shopify Theme




The FREE Startup theme for Shopify showcases your brand and allows you to sell your products in a clean and professional way.

With tons of built in features, the free Startup theme lets you get your business online quickly and easily. 

Best Boutique Shopify Theme: Ecommerce

Shopify Boutique Ecommerce Theme




The E-commerce theme for Shopify showcases your products and collections in a unique and beautiful way that shines a spotlight on your brand.

With conversion enhancing elements built into every step of the online purchase journey, this E-commerce theme is designed to sell.

The E-commerce theme is built for businesses with a small to medium-sized catalog of products across several different product categories.

Best Large Catalog E-commerce Theme: Marketplace

Responsive Marketplace Shopify Theme




Want to take your business to the next level and tap into the power of Shopify? The Marketplace premium Shopify theme offers a robust and intuitive design that has been created to help you sell more online. 

The Marketplace theme is built for businesses with a large variety of products across several different product categories.

People can't buy your products if they can't find your products. Product filtering options allow buyers to find exactly what they are looking for.





We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on these themes, and they will be available for download shortly. But we're so proud of them that we wanted to show them off early! 

Best Jewelry & Accessories Shopify Theme: Assets

Responsive Jewelry and Accessories Shopify Theme




The Assets theme for Shopify showcases your Jewelry or Accessories products and collections in a unique and beautiful way that shines a spotlight on your style.

The Assets theme for Shopify gives you the power to grow your Jewelry & Fashion Accessories retail brand while providing powerful e-commerce tools to help you sell more online.

Best Home Decor & Furnishings Shopify Theme: Sense

Responsive Home Decor Shopify Theme




Looking to get your Home Furnishings or Decor business online or improve your current e-commerce website? The Sense Shopify Theme provides a powerful and user-friendly design that helps you sell more online. 

The Sense Shopify theme is easy to install and easy to use. No website design, coding, or pre-existing Shopify experience required!

Best Health & Beauty Shopify Theme: Beauty Bar



The Beauty Bar theme is built for Health & Beauty businesses with a small to medium-sized catalog of products across several different health, wellness, and beauty product categories.

A powerful but lightweight theme, the Beauty Bar Shopify theme will not slow down your website’s load time. This lets your customers get to your must-have health & beauty products at lightening-fast speeds.

Best Sports & Fitness Shopify Theme: Exhibit

Responsive Sports and Fitness Shopify Theme




Shine a powerful spotlight on the features and benefits of your Fitness & Sports products to maximize conversions.

The Exhibit theme for Shopify gives you the power to grow your Sports & Fitness retail brand while providing powerful e-commerce tools to help you sell more online.

Best Fashion & Clothing Shopify Theme: Trendz

Responsive Fashion Shopify Theme




A premium Shopify Theme for fashion and clothing retailers with big dreams. Sell more online with the enhanced and optimized E-commerce theme, built for Shopify.

The Trendz theme is structured to make the most of your fashion brand, clothing collections.

Best Electronics Shopify Theme: Tech

Responsive Electronics Shopify Theme




The Tech Electronics Shopify theme partners perfectly with the robust Shopify e-commerce platform to give you all the e-commerce tools you need to help you sell more online.

Whether you are selling home audio or video, computers, electronic games, or anything else in the technical space, this responsive theme gives you all the power you need to boost your business.

Get Started with Your Customized Responsive Shopify Theme

Custom Responsive Shopify ThemeThe right Shopify theme can shine a light on your products and drive sales for your business. It’s also important that no matter which theme you choose, the theme is a responsive one to make sure it looks great and is functional on any device or screen size.

The nine described above are some of the best responsive options the platform has to offer with features that can help your catalog sell itself. Of course, it's entirely possible that we're a little bit biased - given that we designed them and everything!  

However, no theme is one size fits all and immediately suits the needs of any e-commerce store, especially for larger businesses.

If you’d like to make customizations to the themes mentioned above (or any other Shopify theme), you can contact Marketplace Solutions to tailor your theme to your every need.




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