10 Best Free Shopify Theme Download for OS 2.0 in 2022

10 Best Free Shopify Theme Download for OS 2.0 in 2022


A great UX/UI design is a compulsory factor for any successful ecommerce website selling on Shopify. Choosing a premium Shopify theme right from the beginning can make or break your store launch. A premium theme gives you more customization options, diverse design ideas, and a richer customer experience that represents your brand online.

In this article we will highlight the top 10 free premium Shopify themes of 2022.

What is a free premium Shopify theme?

A Shopify theme controls the organization, features, and style of your Shopify store. Different themes have different styles and layouts and offer different experiences for your customers.

For example, if you're selling spa products, then you may want your online store to feel relaxed and luxurious. If you’re selling perfume, you may want your site to look elegant and stylish. Using a Shopify theme designed for a particular industry will help you do just that.

Shopify recently announced Online Store 2.0 (OS 2.0) - what they are referring to as the biggest investment in their platform yet. This new and improved platform will make it easier for developers to build customized features and apps for merchants and gives merchants more power to create and edit their storefronts without web development knowledge or expertise.

Marketplace Solutions is the worlds first company and third party theme vendor to offer a wide selection of free premium eCommerce templates of their own, across all industries and for Online Store 2.0, which you can find on their website.


How to choose a premium Shopify theme?

When searching for a Shopify eCommerce theme, makes sure they have the following features: modern, clean, and easily customizable. Cross-browser compatibility, responsive design, and SEO-friendly, along with strong customer support, quality coding, and great reviews. Luckily, with Shopify theme customization services offered by Marketplace Solutions, your store can really stand out to help you sell more online.


Who is your target audience?

A target audience is the group of people you’re marketing, and advertising efforts are aimed at. When you have an ecommerce business, identifying your target audience for marketing is important. It helps you find new customers easier and bring interested buyers to your website, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales. It is important to choose a Shopify Theme that is designed with your target audience in mind so you should look for a premium Shopify Theme that focuses on a specific industry as a great way to save time and money optimizing your theme for your target customer.


What type of experience will you offer?

Ecommerce user experience is all about caring for the customer and ensuring a feel-good factor that in turn contributes to the sale of a product. Customers will forget what you said and what you did but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

Good user experience requires more than just a pretty design. It involves multiple components working in harmony to help visitors navigate a site and find a solution to their needs in an efficient manner. From website structure to product details, every element must be optimized with good user experience in mind.


The premium theme features you want and need

When you’re starting a new business, money may be a bit tight until you make your few first sales. That doesn’t mean you can’t launch a professional ecommerce website with a fast, high-converting Shopify theme. Below are the ten free premium Shopify themes designed and developed exclusively in-house by our team or e-commerce experts. Each offers industry leading UX design, responsive performance with easy navigation, a professional blog and deep levels of customization, settings and features, all to help you sell more online.


What features should a Shopify theme include?

When in the marketplace for an eCommerce theme for Shopify, make sure they have the following features:


Looks & feels great and is highly customizable

After you choose a theme that defines the basic look and feel of your online store, you can customize the theme to suit your brands unique style. You can use the theme editor to customize your theme content and settings from your Shopify admin or use our expert designers at Marketplace Solutions to do it for you.


Loads fast with both mobile and desktop devices

The features that slow sites down are often the most important. Shopify has pointed out that the Speed Score depends primarily on apps, custom code, and some “heavy” features in certain shops. Load speed optimizations, mainly of images on your landing pages may significantly contribute to the success of your Shopify store. 


Helps to tell your brands story

You can use the theme editor to customize your theme content and settings from your Shopify admin. The theme editor includes a theme preview and a sidebar or menu that you can use to make changes to your theme settings, and to add, remove, edit, and rearrange content. You will want to use a font type, colors and messaging that are on brand and speak to your target audience.


Great customer support is key

Ecommerce customer service refers to the process of helping online customers- from making better purchase decisions to resolving issues— all while creating a seamless customer experience across multiple touchpoints.

When you are setting-up or launching your online store, you will undoubtedly have many questions. It is important to look for a quality design and development by an experienced and established Shopify partner that has a strong reputation of offering an exceptional user experience, detailed documentation, frequent updates, and that stands behind their products.


Premium onboarding

Best free premium 2.0 Shopify themes for all industries in 2022.

Below is our list of the top ten premium Shopify themes on OS 2.0 free to Download.


1. Art & Photography -DECO

The Art & Photography theme, Deco for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions is fully customizable with super fast load speed, easy to navigate and flexible for a broad range of stores and product types. Looks and feels great with a clean and minimalist design, fully mobile responsive and is easy to setup and customize with exceptional customer support.


Premium Shopify Theme for Art & Photography Industry

An artistically creative OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the art & photography industry



2. Clothing & Fashion - TRENDZ

The Clothing & Fashion theme, Trendz for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions boasts hundreds of 5-star reviews with a mobile first design for medium to large catalogs yet easy to configure along with detailed documentations highlighting its premium functionality and enhanced features. Its no wonder this free premium Shopify theme for the clothing and fashion industry is trending.


Premium Shopify Theme for Clothing & Fashion Industry

A fashionable, trendsetting OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the clothing & fashion industry



3. Jewelry & Accessories - ASSETS

The Jewelry & Accessories theme, Assets for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions offers premium functionalities, enhanced features and settings that make this theme easy to setup and configure with a fully responsive, mobile first design and fast load speed flexible for most product types and various size catalogs.


Premium Shopify Theme for Jewelry & Accessories Industry

A OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the Jewelry & Accessories industry that you should not go without



4. Electronics - TECH

The electronics theme, Tech for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions looks and feels great with a fast, responsive, mobile friendly design that will shock your customers into buying more, its no wonder why this theme is one of the best reviewed Electronics industry Shopify Themes available in 2022.


Premium Shopify Theme for Electronics Industry

Stay plugged in and connected with this OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the electronics industry



5. Food & Drink - ENTRÉE

The Food & Drink theme, Entrée for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions is a light, refreshing and delightful user experience that is clean and minimalist that will tell your brands story in a way that your customers can digest. With great reviews and world-class support this premium Shopify theme will have your customers coming back for more.


Premium Shopify Theme for Food & Drink Industry

 A light and refreshing OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the food & drink industry 



6. Home & Garden - SENSE

The Home & Garden theme, Sense for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions provides a flexible design to suit a broad range of stores and products with super fast load speed, fully mobile responsive design with enhanced features and premium functionality that is quick and easy to configure and setup for medium to large catalogs it only makes sense to download this free premium Shopify theme.


Premium Shopify Theme for Home & Garden Industry

Delight your customers with a OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the home & garden industry that makes perfect sense



7. Furniture - ACCENT

The Furniture theme, Accent for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions looks and feels great with a clean and minimalist, mobile first design that will fill your store with premium functionalities that make it easy to setup and configure offering your customers a premium shopping experience that is intuitive, user friendly and easy to navigate. This premium theme is a blowout sale for Shopify stores and merchants in the furniture and accessories industry.


Premium Shopify Theme for Furniture Industry

Decorate your online store with a OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the furniture industry



8. Health & Beauty - BEAUTY BAR

The Health & Beauty theme, Beauty Bar for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions is exactly as it is intended, a beautiful intuitive design that offers a customer first shopping experience with fully responsive mobile design, super fast load speeds and enhanced features with premium functionalities. Intended for medium to large catalogs this theme looks and feels great and will show off your Shopify stores inner beauty with the highest rated beauty industry Shopify theme in.


Premium Shopify Theme for Health & Beauty Industry

Showcase your brands inner beauty with a OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the health & beauty industry



9. Sports & Recreation - EXHIBIT

The Sports & Recreation theme, Exhibit for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions is great for large catalogs and offers detailed documentation for quick and easy setup or troubleshooting along with exceptional customer support and hundreds of five-star reviews. Put your store and products on display with this premium theme and functionalities that make this sports industry theme superfast with an intuitive design that is optimized for mobile, easy to navigate and user friendly.


Premium Shopify Theme for Sports & Recreation Industry

Put your brand on display with a OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the sports & recreation industry



10. Toys & Games - GADGET

The Toys & Games theme, Gadget for Shopify online store 2.0 by Marketplace Solutions looks and feels great, keeping your customers entertained with this easy to navigate and intuitive design that is fully mobile responsive and easy to configure with a clean and minimalistic store design that is flexible to suite a broad range of products for all catalog sizes. This Shopify theme for the toys and games industry is not all fun and games, it is packed full of premium features and enhanced functionality with word-class merchant support.


Premium Shopify Theme for Toys & Games Industry

Its not all work and no play with this OS 2.0 Shopify theme for the toys & games industry



Download a free premium theme for OS 2.0 and launch your Shopify store today.

Great design and quality development are essential factors of a successful eCommerce website. Create a beautiful Shopify store with a wide selection of free premium Shopify themes on OS 2.0 for all industries that are sure to help you sell more online.

Some free themes on Shopify can feel limited in terms of their design and functionalities, Marketplace Solutions offers free Shopify themes for online store 2.0 with great customization options, enhanced features and functionality to give your site the look and feel you need to be successful selling online. Try Shopify Free with a 14-Day Free Trial.


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